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UTI Pathogen Testing

UTI Pathogen Testing

Urinary tract infections are very common in all age groups and affect everyone differently. Submitting a clean catch urine consistent with the standard method of culture and sensitivity can take 48-72 hours to identify the bacteria and perform a sensitivity to see the best course of antibiotic therapy.

Elina utilizes new PCR technology which allows for a more accurate and rapid detection of bacteria that could be causing your symptoms. This method is more sensitive than the conventional culture/sensitivity method allowing for the detection of bacteria and antibiotic resistance within 1 day from receipt into the lab.

With the rise of more multi-drug resistant bacteria, using this DNA approach provides you and your physician a more sensitive result so the appropriate antibiotic can be prescribed from the outset. Since this test is based on DNA, and not growing and isolating the bacteria the old conventional way, it is much quicker and also not affected by any current antibiotic use.

Our panel covers 20 of the most common bacteria that cause a Urinary tract infection.

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Elina Labs is a clinical laboratory in Metro Atlanta, serving patients and providers with results in 24 hours or less. We are the exclusive provider of the SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Antibody Detection Test (cPass) in Georgia.




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